Current Standings

Ranks (As of August 30, 2019)


Kristin Patton       22

Anna Martinez      11

D'nessa                   10

Mike Kimball           9

Marcial Delgado     8

Rene Mullen             7

Elijah Bradford        6

Arlaina Ash               5

Ken Bagnull              4

Jose Duran                4

PW Covington          3

Lydia Andrews          2

Kiko                             2

Elissa                           1

Cameron                     1



The MindWell Slam Point System is super simple, but can still be confusing for those new to slam, so here is how it works. Poets earn a certain number of points based on their placement in the slam. First place scores 5 points. Second Place scores 4 points. Third place scores 3 points. Everyone else who competes in any given slam gets 1 point for participating. The top 10 poets in the ranks at the end of the slam season qualify to compete in our Grand Damn Slam for a shot at making the MindWell Slam team that year.